The music industry is an industry where you are often expected to work for free. Musicians, artists, songwriters, producers, mixers and masters, etc. are often squeezed in a traditional deal. You get a few percents on royalties or paid in a far future as the record label recoup its share. At the same time the major record labels expects to get paid for their investments some how. This generates most of the income to the record label unfortunately.


Many of the artists who actually make sure that the music is a world-class standard have to wait a long time to get paid and the solution will be combined with "a regular job" that makes the artists to work for free, wait to get paid or pay under the table. If we can professionalize the industry and make a living on creating music, then we also would create a sustainable and more competitive music industry that puts pressure on the major record labels. Our goal is to let the artists actually make a living of the music they have done in such a short time as possible.


Soundport Records offer a way better solution than the major record labels. Our agreement does not fit for everyone. We are looking for independent  artists who know what they want with their music and are willing to work to get there. We are looking for artists who have

unique music, but may not have previously achieved it as well as hoped on their own. Artists who need someone who can lift their music

through quality stamps, knowledge, advice, resources, networks, risk sharing and a helping hand.

We are also looking for established artists who already do it themselves and know what it's like to sell merch, get paid for gigs and are tired of giving away a share to a record label, which still does not help them in those processes.

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