We got two recording rooms- Studio A and Studio B. Studio A is an airy and big room with a fantastic natural reverb. Ideal to recording drums here. Studio B is a tight ”dead room” with no reverb at all. Ideal to record amps tight vocals etc. We offer live recordings or instrument by instrument or most common an hybrid of those two. We also got connections to all other rooms in the studio facilities. We can record in up to 7 rooms at the same time. So if youre in to live recordings with no leakage, you have come to the right studio. 

We got a lot of high end microphones, mac computers tape recorders and tons of outboards. The heart is a warm analouge sounded Soundtracs Jade 48ch inline recording console. The Soundtracs Jade have and are used by many famous studios and producers world wide. For example used by Joe Barresi recorded The Queens of the Stone Age and more, Denniz Pop at Cheiron Studios also produced tons of hit pop songs on this model. Some people call the Jade for the "poor mans" SSL but we are convinced that this console provide and sound equal or even somtimes better than an SSL or Neve console. The Jade is a High End console with the best performance available for sure.

We also coloring our recordings with hardware pre-amps, compressors and eq's of course. We got tons of it and always expanding our arsenal of ouboards. Right now we are using the Antelope Orion as our AD/DA Converter and cant say anything than wow! We also got an Otari MTR-90 MKII 24ch tape recorder for those who wan't to go analouge all the way. This is super cool and sounds amazing but also much more expensive way to record. When it comes to microphones we got a range of high end mics to ensure the perfect pick up of an instrument or vocals.