Recording, Mix and Mastering





I am a freelance mixer, producer, audio engineer, sound designer and songwriter at service since mid 2011 after graduating from university with a bachelor degree in music and audio production.


 I strongly believe that a great production's most important ingredients are heart and feel. Therefore I have no preconceived notions on how to record or mix. It's all up to the song and performer how I choose to tackle a particular production. Your music and how you perform is the key to a great end result. The trick is to capture it and make it shine, that's where I come in.


‚ÄčIn my role as a producer and mixer I'm often described as professional, flexible and curious. On top of that I am well rehearsed in many different genres and all these are valuable qualities in this ever-changing state of the music business.



Administration, Handyman

I've been into music since I was 7 years old and started to listen to Kiss and didnt wanted anything else than beeing a rock star. Well I never became that, but still havent get up that thought of course.

Unfortunately I do not play in a band any longer sine time isnt enough. I do play some drums on and off and trying to support my son to become a drummer. Soon he will be better than his old man for sure. 

My role in Soundport is mostly about administrative matters. I handle most of the record label as well. I believe in beeing a possitive studio trying to bring the best of our clients.  Beside Soundport I also got another business. I sell tattoo supplies.